Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here's One Rite Sexy Looking Pencil!

Michael McNeil from Northwest Pen Works recently sent me an email to let me know that he had too many darned pencils taking up space, and after he emailed me a picture of what was cramping his style I was glad to help him out with a little bit of breathing room around the shop.

Among the 55 or so pencils that I purchased from Michael was this one:

Michael described this one as unmarked but pretty, which seems at first like a fair assessment.  Many times, these are found in all solid colors, but some like this one turn up with some very attractive marbled center sections:

Plastic shrinkage was rampant on these, and there are usually large gaps on either side of the center section.  This one isn't too bad in that regard.

This is a Rite-Rite "Fingerfit Senior" pencil, designed to fit the fingers a little better (along the lines of a Zaner Bloser).  Personally, I think the design would have been more effective if the indentation were a little bit farther down towards the tip, but that's just me.

The Pen Collectors of America has posted a 1937 Rite-Rite catalog at its online reference library (don't tell me you aren't a member yet!), and the Fingerfit Senior shows up there:

So why, you may ask, didn't the company mark these pencils?

They did!

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