Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Less Moore

Here's a picture of the Moore clutch pencil box set, from page 103 of The Catalogue, and Eversharp's adaptation of the same design to the Skyline form, from page 76:

The gold filled examples, and one of the Eversharp plastic ones I have, are marked with patent number 2,358,091, which was issued to Charles K. Lovejoy on January 22, 1944 and assigned to The Moore Pen Company. 

The connection between the two wasn't easy to establish, before I'd found the metal Eversharp that was a dead ringer for the Moore.  On the plastic pencils, the last number of the patent is omitted, so it reads "235809."   Was it truly a mistake, or was Eversharp less than thrilled announcing to the world that it had licensed Moore's design?  I don't have an answer to that, but I am skeptical that it was an accident. 

I digress.  This article isn't about Eversharp.

At the Ohio Show last November, I dropped by the Pendemonium booth and found that Lovejoy's design was also adapted to a demi sized pencil:

This is the first demi I've found, which makes me wonder - did Eversharp make one, too?

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