Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lovejoy's Requiem

At the Scott Antique Market last month, I was browsing around a table when I found this in a box with a sign that read "$1 each":

It was a pretty slow show, and this was about the only dollar I spent during that visit, but it was a pretty good one.  This is a Dur-O-Lite, and one of the neat things about it is the advertising on the side:

But the advertising, neat as it is, wasn't what attracted me to this one.   Here's a closer view of the clip - look familiar?

A closer look at what's imprinted above the clip shows why I was quicker than a jackrabbit pulling a dollar bill out of my pocket:

Patent number 2,358,091 -- Lovejoy's patent, originally assigned to Moore but also licensed by Eversharp (see yesterday's post).   The Lovejoy patent, issued in 1944, still had five years left on it when Moore collapsed in 1956.  Eversharp's writing division was sold to Parker in 1957, and Parker didn't continue any of Eversharp's products. 

So what became of Moore's unexpired patent rights?  Now we know.

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ez2distract said...

Hi, so what year do you think that pencil (the dur-o-lite with the advertising) was made? I just got one myself with the box and instructions. Any idea what size lead they take?