Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Had to "Point" This Out

At page 46 of The Catalogue, I've shown a group of four Eagle "Hard Rubber and plastic 'Pointers.'"  While some are marked simply "Eagle Pencil Co.," some are unmarked entirely, and none bear the name "Pointer" nor bear the Pointer's patent date of February 7, 1922.   In short, I was sure these are Pointers, but I couldn't prove it.

That is, until this little gem surfaced a couple weeks ago:

Note the distinctive ribbed nose and the shape that matches the larger side clip model pictured in The Catalogue.  The cap, unfortunately, has a split in it, but as thin as the material on it is, I doubt there are very many out there that don't have a split.   This example most closely matches the exampleon the left on page 46, whichis missing its cap entirely.

But most of all, note the imprint:

There's our answer.  

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