Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Won't Get Lost in the Woods with This One

A couple weeks ago, an unexpected package arrived on my doorstep from a friend.  Inside was no note, no explanation, only this:

I sent him an email to see if there was a mixup, and there wasn't - it was just something he knew I'd get a kick out of writing about.  I'd say he has me pegged.

The silver-grey plastic is accented with deep green birdseyes, a distinctive plastic usually found on pencils that are marked simply "Made in Japan" and sporting chrome-plated trim.  This one is a little unusual in that the clip is gold filled, and has a very American name on it:

That's Biltwell with 2 "Ls."   A number of different Biltwell variants are pictured on page 27 of The Catalogue, but none are in this color or have this mix of chrome plated and gold plated trim.   Since this is an ordinary "Z-clip," my first thought that perhaps the clip was a replacement for an ordinary Japan clip, but on closer inspection I don't believe so.  The Z-clip is secured inside the barrel underneath another feature of the pencil inserted in the top, which is also gold plated:

And when I unscrewed the top to examine inside, I stumbled upon the other surprising feature hidden within this little pencil:

Such a nice, unexpected find!

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