Thursday, December 22, 2016

This Would Have Been Nice to Show You

One of the biggest messes I’ve written about here was spurred by my research into a pencil marked “Bonnwear,” which led me into a tangled web of connections between several manufacturers, including Eclipse, Diamond Point and Sheaffer (the following day’s installment dragged the enigmatic “Ever-Rite” into the mix, as well - the story started at

No, I haven’t sorted things out any more clearly than I did at the time.  But I did find something that would have made for a more convincing visual aid for part of that story.

I don’t think I left any question that pens and pencils marked “Safety” on the clip were made by Eclipse – not with the trademark registration and advertisements included in that prior article.  But what I lacked was an example, such as this one:

This one turned up at the Ohio Show:

And when it is poised alongside a Fin-Sharp (named by the clever founder of Eclipse, Marx Finstone) and an Eclipse, these pictures could have accomplished what quite a few more words did before:

I know.  I need a gold filled Eclipse.  Sheesh - call me OCD, will you?

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