Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

The article I posted here about Waterman’s other numbering system – the one the company used for pencils – went a little bit viral here (it was posted as  My friend Myk Daigle suggested that it might be helpful to supplement my article (even though it would be substantially more work) to provide a chart with the different models accompanied by pictures of each one.

Good idea, I thought.  Fortunately, at the Ohio Show Pearce Jarvis had something for me which rendered all that work unnecessary - since Waterman already did it for us.  This eight-page brochure shows a pencil on the cover imprinted “Pat. Appl. For,” suggesting that this was printed before the Larsen patent was issued in October, 1924, and probably even earlier, since none of the oversized model 25s are pictured.  My guess would be early 1923.

You don’t really need my voiceover to appreciate this one, so here it is:

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