Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Barrel of Lead

Pearce Jarvis brought this one along with him to the Ohio Show.  He knew I wouldn’t be able to resist:

This is a Sager, made by Solomon M. Sager’s Sager Pen Corproration, which was famous for it’s plunger-filler pens which held so much ink, Sager trademarked the phrase “Sager Barrel-Of-Ink.”  I’ve always thought it was funny that the barrel-o-ink logo was carried onto the company’s line of pencils, as well:

This example joins two others in my collection, and while it doesn’t have the same pizzazz when it comes to color, the flat top is a kind of interesting development:

The other interesting development occurred when I took this one apart.  I haven’t pulled a Sager apart before:

Recognize that?

Did Sheaffer make Sager’s pencils?  I believe they did.

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