Saturday, January 10, 2015

Straight From the Land of Shaw-Barton

As much as I’d like to say that Shaw-Barton’s pencils were all original, they weren’t. Nearly all of the Shaw-Barton pencils I’ve found were made by Ritepoint, probably supplied to Shaw-Barton with the company’s name on the clips, which Shaw-Barton then screen printed with the customer’s advertising.

Nearly all, that is, except for these:

These translucent pencils don’t fit the mold. To my knowledge, Ritepoint didn’t make translucent barrels like these:

Nor clips like these:

Nor tips like these:

Nor tops like these. I really like the design on them:

Coshocton is a mere forty minutes from where I live. Business frequently calls me in that direction, and a couple months ago I finished at the courthouse with just a little time left before the carpets downtown rolled up for the afternoon. I had just a few minutes – on one of those days when stopping to breathe at 3 o’clock is what I call lunch – to stop by the antique mall nestled in the remains of a department store that had closed decades earlier.

Down in the basement, I found a coffee can full of cheaper mechanical pencils – including these two:

Notice that the white one is a sample pencil, with a four-digit model number just like my translucent examples. The tips are the same:

The same top is found on both, although the white one has plain bands for decoration:

And as for the clip, one has a Shaw-Barton clip. The other explains who supplied these pencils to the company:

Dixon Rite-Rite.

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