Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I try not to be too biased about Zaner-Bloser’s stuff. Being born and raised in central Ohio, Zaner Bloser pencils are a common sight here, and a lot of them are pretty low quality.

But when I saw this one, I said to myself, that’s cool. I don’t care where you’re from, you’ve got to think this is cool:

The back side of the box is a catalog all to itself:

Inside the box is a pencil and penholder set, the barrels of which are painted over wood. I haven’t encountered these in this color before, which was an added bonus:

On the back side of the inner box was one other interesting detail:

"The C.W. Zumbiel Co., / Cincinnati, Ohio / Licensee / U.S. Patent 2,116,513 / Other Patents Pending." I looked up the patent number in Volume 2 of my patent book, and was chagrined to find it wasn’t in there. A quick check of the patent databases, though, revealed why:

Patent number 2,116,513 was issued to William P. Frankenstein of Cincinnati, Ohio . . . for the box. Zumbiel is still in business . . . the box and container business, that is. The company goes by Zumbiel Packaging these days.