Friday, January 16, 2015

E "clips"?

In yesterday’s installment, I shared a few late-model Eclipse pencils:

The tie that binds these three – other than the Eclipse brand, are the clips. Each has one unusual and distinctive feature: the tabs which secure the clips to the barrels are not at the tops, but are partway down, leaving a "tail" above the tabs that curls up to (and sometimes over) the tops.

In the last few months, I was attracted to a couple other lesser pencils with share that same feature:

Starting from the top, I’m sure to a moral certainty that the "Vogue Deluxe" is an Eclipse brand. Note that the clip is shaped exactly like the Eclipse Streamline and has a Vogue stamp in a very Eclipse-ish oval:

The next example is marked "Linton Pencil Co.":

Linton Pencil Company, of Lewisburg, Tennessee, is better known for making wood pencils. That suggests that the company probably didn’t get into the mechanical pencil business, but rather had pencils supplied with the company’s name on the clip. There’s "Champion" pencils out there with this same clip.

Of the three, I only remember from whom the third came from, and that goes a long way towards proving an Eclipse connection. Pearce Jarvis, one of my Canadian buddies, had turned this one up in his neck of the woods – the same neck in which Eclipse was making pencils with similar clips:

Can I say that all of these have some connection to Eclipse? Not necessarily – by the end of its run Eclipse might also have been having parts supplied to it by a third-party jobber. I do believe, however, that all of these are connected to each other.

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