Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At the Other End of the Sheaffer-Lovers' Club

Back in October, when I posted about this one, I was fairly confident it was Pat Mohan who showed it to me:

It wasn’t. It was Mike Kirk. Pat knew it wasn’t his for two reasons;

He has two of them, and they have different colored bands. Between my Craig, and the Sheaffers Mike and Pat have, we know of yellow, green, blue and red bands.

The bands are just sandwiched in between the two nose sections and the center section, so it’s possible the one band has gone missing over the years. It’s also possible that no band means plain ol’ black (the colored bands indicate the color of lead). If one turns up with a black band, I’ll rule that second possibility out. There’s one more interesting thing about these: note the patent number on there?

That’s the design patent for Sheaffer’s golf pencil – the teardrop shape that is absent from the Sheaffer double-enders. Why is that interesting? The only logical explanation would be that this is two golf pencil bottom portions joined together by a center part that is unique to the double ender. But that’s not what happened:

The imprints on Sheaffer’s golf pencils were on the caps.


John Hubbard said...

Jon, Perhaps Sheaffer could have imprinted these pencils on the barrel since the cap would have been missing from the double-ender configuration.
John H.

Jon Veley said...

Correct, which means the parts were specially made for double-enders (no golf pencils have the imprint in this location).

If the parts were specifically made for double-enders, the design patent included on the imprint is irrelevant to the pencil. Hence the qeustion: was Sheaffer lazy and reusing the wrong imprint, or was there intent to passively claim patent rights that didn't exist?

jonro said...

Sheaffer reused parts on different models whenever it made sense and I don't think there was any disreputable intent on their part. Those double-ended pencils are cool.

Jon Veley said...

Right - but these parts weren't reused. Look how much longer the two ends are than they are on a golf pencil. said...

Cool pencils!

Besides, regarding Sheaffer's golf pencil patent: From examining my Sheaffer Balance Combo, I'd bet the pencil-part is identical with the golf pencil.