Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Thought I Knew

When I ran across this one at the DC show, I couldn’t remember whether I had one like it:

The hallmark at the top was one I recognized, and which I had written about here before:

That’s the hallmark for Byers and Hayes hallmark. I really liked the pattern:

I just couldn’t remember whether the examples I had were like this one. In the end, the price was reasonable so I thought I’d bring this one back to compare it, and I’m glad I did:

No, I didn’t have that pattern. Nor did I have a Byers and Hayes embodied in a magic pencil.. Byers and Hayes was formed in 1916 (there’s a rundown on the company’s history in the first article I wrote about this at Although we tend to think of magic pencils as being "Victorians," they remained popular for decades. "Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian" might be more accurate when it comes to these.

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