Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Keep Meaning To Do This

On page 116 of The Catalogue, you’ll find a picture of some interesting Parker pencils which I refer to as "Parker’s Weird Utility Pencil."

Somewhere along the line, I learned that Parker called these the Parker 100 - not to be confused with the company’s recent recycling of that number about 10 years ago. I meant to mention that here, and I was so convinced I had done so that when it came up in an online discussion a couple years ago, I tore my hair out trying to find where I’d written about it.

I didn’t.

A year later, when I ran across an example marked with "The American Pencil Collector’s Society," I took a picture of it to update my non-existent article, it took me awhile to find out, once again, that I never wrote it.

I’ve since lost the pictures and misplaced the pencil.

So this time I’m finally going to get it right. Yes, it was called the Parker 100 - and thanks to Michael Little, here’s all the proof you need of that:

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Chthulhu said...

Thank you, Jon and Michael. I've been calling these 100s as well, I *thought* based on something you, Jon, had written.

An eBay listing I saw a couple of days ago, from a seller purportedly in Janesville, insisted that these were called "WORK" pencils and suggested that they were only available to Parker factory staff.

I wonder where that came from ...