Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eclipsed by the Pens?

Later Eclipse models are fun to collect. Right up until the end, Marx Finstone’s gift for gimmickry and a neat turn of phrase lived on in the company’s products, such as these:

Eclipse had branches in both the United States and Canada, and the Canadian bunch outlived the American office from which it was an offshoot. Of the three of these, only the top one might have been American, but I think even that one probably came from north of the border:

The Eclipse "Streamline" wasn’t innovative from a technical standpoint, but that clip was pretty distinctive. Usually the pens in this model came in a lizard-skin patterned plastic, along the lines of an Eberhard Faber Permapoint. I haven’t run across one of these in that plastic, and I don’t know whether that’s because they aren’t all that common or I just haven’t had the luck to see one.

The middle example is one of my favorites (or should I say favourites):

"Eclipse Hooded Knight / Made in Canada by Eclipse." One of the reasons this one is so near and dear to me is that the name makes absolutely no sense – on the pencil. The Eclipse "Hooded Knight" pens were Eclipse’s answer to the Parker 51, which had hooded nibs. I actually sought out a Hooded Knight pen so I could share it in this article:

For a lot of the same reasons, the third one in this groups is one of my other favs:

"Prefer-A-Point?" This one only has one – must have had something to do with the pen. Now we know that "Tully" was a Canadian Eclipse subbrand – in case any of you out there have a Tully pen or pencil without the helpful "an Eclipse Product / Made in Toronto Canada" imprint on the barrel!

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Wayne said...

I've always loved Eclipse pens. If there was such as thing as kitsch in writing instrument design, Eclipse owned that nitch. I found this clear-red Lucite Hooded Knight at a pen show that spoke to me. If there was such a thing as over-designed, this pen was it. They copied everyone, but embraced no one. Surprisingly it writes very well. -Wayne

Hooded Knight