Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Long Way Around The Barn

When I wrote the articles on the Tri-Pen Manufacturing Company and the Triangle Pen Company, the one thing I didn’t have on hand to show you was the V-Mail pencil that started it all. I came close to getting one when another example popped up in an online auction a couple weeks before the article was going to publish – excitedly, I bid crazy money on the lot of four pencils to ensure that I would get it, so my article would be complete . .
And I lost. Outbid in the final few seconds.

I knew I was partly responsible. I listed these as "Triads" in The Catalogue, and with more-than-usual hubbub at the Philly show about these, it’s easy to see how a small feeding frenzy over these would happen.

But the funny ending to this story comes at the Baltimore show, when Jim Carpenito says he’s got some things to show me:

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