Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Honor of the Occasion

As I’m driving home from the Baltimore Pen Show today (show report to follow tomorrow), it only seemed right to share this one:

Although this one is pretty cheaply made and has a simple nose-drive mechanism, it does have a couple interesting features. It was made as cheaply as possible, but the plastic is actually a pretty nice, swirled orange color with a pretty good heft. Also, the top half of the barrel is secured to the lower half in an unusal manner. Rather than having the usual metal tube or threaded metal bushing to join the two halves of the pencil, this one slides over a narrower part of the plastic lower barrel. The result is that this one really fits together very nicely:

But the reason I just had to feature this one today is the name on the clip:

I believe that "Lord Baltimore" was a brand name used by Salz, which was probably known as the Stratford Pen Company by the time this one was made. Note the ribbing around the very top of the pencil and the manner in which the clip is attached, which is very similar to the "Stratford" and "Belmont" models of similar vintage.

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