Monday, March 11, 2013

The Coolest Thing I Saw In Baltimore

It’s a good thing when I don’t come home with the coolest thing I see at a show, because I’d probably get bored with the hobby if I always did. This time, it was Jim Carpenito who showed me this little gem – I bought a lot of things from Jim at the show, but he made it clear that this one was for sale, and I didn’t even try to wheedle it out of him (although I’ll admit to telling him if he ever decided to part with it, he knew who he should talk to).

And so, with great pleasure, I introduce the single coolest thing I saw at the 2013 Baltimore Pen Show:

And the crowd goes silent . . . crickets can be heard chirping . . . so, you may ask, what’s so cool about this pencil? Four things, actually. The trifecta plus one of cool, I should say. First, the imprint at the top:

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George Kovalenko said...

Wow, that is cool! Keeran's hands may have actually touched the pencil.

George Kovalenko.

Unknown said...

That is really quite a piece of history.