Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Because You Can . . .

I received permission from an online seller to use these pictures. Since he was such a good sport, I’m not going to use his name here.

This was the Eversharp he had listed in an auction:

That clip just looks a little odd, doesn’t it? Fortunately there was also a closer shot:

"Wearever."  The seller didn’t say that the clip was original, nor did he say one way or another whether the pencil was modified. I do believe that the pencil is probably in the same condition it was when it came into his possession. I don’t know whether he sold it, but if he did, this message is to the buyer: it’s your own fault, not the seller’s.

No, David Kahn, Inc., makers of the Wearever brand of pens and pencils, did not manufacture Eversharps under any license or other contract. No, no, no. In fact, on this one you can still see the Wahl Eversharp stamp still appears above the Wearever clip.

I’ve gotta hand it to whoever pulled off this transplant, because I didn’t know you could install a Wearever clip onto an Eversharp. Double points in the engineering and skill departments if the clip is secure enough to actually put it into your shirt pocket.

But geez, that’s about the ugliest mutilation of a Wahl Eversharp as I’ve ever seen. It’s a textbook example of the old saying: just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should!

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