Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seen At The Ohio Show

Hey, they don’t call them "shows" for nothing, right? At the Ohio Show, quite a few guys stopped by to "show" off some things they’ve found lately. Greg Christy wanted to show off this black and pearl Eclipse and a really nice Univer in turquoise and bronze:

Univer is a Sheaffer subbrand – I don’t remember seeing one made in that celluloid, which is better known as being associated with Waterman:

Greg also had an interesting Monroe – not the Eclipse uberbrand Monroe, but the later brand:

Celluloid nose, gold plated top and what the heck – always good to have a clear midsection so you know how much spare lead you’ve got on hand, right?

And Jack Shuttleworth also stopped by, with this "Cadet" in tow:

Those twin center bands and the interesting treatment at the top are a cut above. I’m not sure who made this one:

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