Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey . . . Wait A Minute . . . Again . . .

By the time I wrote The Catalogue, I’d learned enough to know that these early pencils marked "Signet Sold only in the Rexall Stores" were made by DeWitt-LaFrance:

Fortunately, I’d also learned enough to know I shouldn’t say things like "all the early Rexall pencils were made by DeWitt-LaFrance," because lurking in the back of my mind I knew that something like this might be lurking out there somewhere:

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Leland said...

Hi, I just purchased one of these Signets from a junk shop today. The markings say "Sold Only at the Rexall Stores" "Silver Filled Patent Pending". However, I cannot get it to take any lead. Going through the top the lead never seats in any where, and when going from the tip I get maybe 1/4 inch to insert and then it stops. I have feeling it a lead jam, but I cannot get it to clear. Any suggestions, I would love to get the old thing running. Thanks!