Friday, March 29, 2013

A Pair of Dur-O-Lite Ejectors

Now that I understand these Dur-O-Lite Ejector Pencils (see "Dur-O-Lite Repeaters Revisited, September 29, 2012), I’ve made a point to keep an eye out for interesting variations on the theme. Here’s a couple that caught my eye in recent months:

Both have the Dur-O-Lite name imprinted only on the eraser retainer:

I picked up the white pearl example at the Ohio Show from Mike Little, by way of Frank Hoban. What attracted me to it was the top button, which is made of clear plastic:

Of course, the great graphics on the barrel didn’t hurt, either:

The other, some of you online junkies might recognize, came to me from Mike Kirk, who posted it in one of his posts "From the World Famous Hotel Bathroom Studio," which he acquired in one of his far-ranging business trips. Sure, the color is spectacular. Sure, it’s about the nicest example of these I’ve ever seen. But what had me begging shamelessly to add it to the fold was how nice I knew it would look next to another Dur-O-Lite in my collection:

The plastic is pretty fragile on these, but that color is something I’ve never seen anywhere else. That "Eversharp-style Dur-O-Lite" (at least that's what I call them, because the clip and the faceted lines are clearly meant to emulate the Eversharp Doric) came to me from an online auction many years ago.
The end of the Eversharp-style example is of the removable-nose variety, while the Ejector has the characteristic banding around the tip and end of the barrel:

Which reminds me . . . I need to circle back around to those Eversharp-style Durolites . . .

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Mike Kirk said...

Hey, I know one of these pencils. Nice pattern and color! It attracted me, too! :)