Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These Are Over the Top

Over the winter, I received one of those emails from a guy who doesn’t collect pencils, who had a few pencils, and who decided he could use money more than he could use pencils. The conversation began innocently enough, with him asking some questions about what he had, and me (thinking he was interested) explaining to him as best I could what I could see from the fuzzy pictures he had.

The conversation turned quickly to "how much are they worth," followed closely by "how much would you give me for them." Sigh. I felt like I needed a shower when I was done talking to this guy. I ended up giving him some money for four pencils.

The full sized pencil in this picture was one of the ones I got from him, and it disappointed me that there was hardly anything left of the imprint on the barrel:

It’s a Diamond Medal "Comrade," and I didn’t yet have one in the full size with that distinctive, over-the-top clip. Although my ringtop lacks the clip, at least it has a better imprint:

At the Raleigh Show, Richard Vacca and I were standing around chatting at his table, which a dangerous thing that I shouldn’t do, since when I chat with him, my eyes tend to wander about and I end up seeing other things that I end up buying. The Raleigh News Observer caught us mid-chat while I was holding something I’d found while we talked:

In fact, here is what I was holding in my hand when that picture was taken:

It has an over-the-top clip that is very similar to that found on the Diamond Medal:

There’s no markings on the barrel of this one. On closer examination, the detail work on the end of the clip is very different. Instead of a bit of decorative lines, this one has the letter "R" upside down on it:

I’m not sure what this stands for. None of the "R’s" listed in The Catalogue seem to fit, and the only "R" with a penchant for borrowing design elements from other manufacturers was Rite-Rite, which this doesn’t quite fit, either. For now we’ll put it in the Scooby-doo "Ruh Roh" pile.

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could it stand for rexall.