Saturday, July 28, 2012

Somewhere Between Sublime and Ridiculous

I’ve commented before that the Zaner-Bloser Company of Columbus, Ohio was essentially a one-trick pony when it came to mechanical pencils. Nearly all were cheaply made nose drive pencils, distinctive only in their unusual shape – although this doesn’t make them any less dear to a Columbus, Ohio native like me!

But I did say "nearly all," to take into account the super-rare Parker streamline Duofolds made for Zaner using Zaner’s unique shape. The Parker Zaners go for several hundred dollars if you can find one.

And I’d thought there was nothing in between the dollar junk box Zaners and the gee-I’d-buy-one-if-I-were-ever-lucky-enough-to-see-one Zaners, until these surfaced a little while ago:

Both of these came from the same online seller. I bought one, and then a couple weeks later the same seller listed another one. I emailed the seller to ask if he (or she) had any more and these were the only two he (she) had. The script logo etched in the top sections is pretty nice:

No, these aren’t stratospheric finds like a Parker-Zaner, but they are a bit nicer than what you’d normally find. Kind of like discovering that your ten-speed has a second gear in addition to first and tenth.

So where o where do you suppose gears three through nine are?

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