Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The "Other" Centennial

On Independence Day, this one seemed like the right choice for a story:

This is the Eagle Number 257, made to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the United States, but not the Centennial nor the Bicentennial.  This one commemorates the "Sesquicentennial," or 150th anniversary, in 1926:

Kind of neat -- there was an awful lot of excitement and commemoration about the centennial as there was for the bicentennial, but you just don't see much for the sesquisentennial.  I guess people just had other things to do in 1926.

On the top is a figural bell, with a tiny plastic clapper that dings.  One one side are the dates, 1776-1926:

And on the other, the words "Liberty Bell":

It's even got the crack replicated on the side of the bell.  This pencils bears a patent date of August 11, 1925:

Which refers to Design Patent number 67,944, issued to Edwin M. Berolzheimer:

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Mike Kirk said...

And to think....for a giveaway, Edwin spent the time to draw up and design this bell, then patent it. Wow.