Sunday, July 29, 2012

That's Heavy, Dude

Here’s another neat name I’d not seen on a pencil before:

On the clip is simply the word "Atlas":

The name took me back to my classical studies in college, when I learned Atlas’ role in Greek Mythology. Atlas was one of a race of deities known as the Titans who ruled the universe until they were overthrown by a new race of deities known as the Olympians (led by Zeus). Being on the losing side of the conflict was not an enviable position to be in; for Atlas’ punishment, Zeus condemned him to hold up the Heavens from the earth, assuring the Olympians a physical boundary for all eternity from the human race. Atlas was said to stand on the edge of the world (as it was known at that time), in the "Sea of Atlas," from which we derive the name of the Atlantic Ocean.

Over the centuries, Atlas bearing the weight of the heavens became symbolized by the figure of a man holding up the planet earth; that is why a book holding maps of all the earth is referred to today as an "atlas."

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