Monday, July 9, 2012

Sheaffer Guys Showing Off in Raleigh

Before the Raleigh show, I'd sent out a call for anyone that had interesting pencils to bring them along so I could photograph them, even if they weren't available for sale.  A couple guys took me at my word and showed up with some great things to show me -- and methinks by coincidence, all came bearing Sheaffers.

Dan Reppert was right across the aisle from me, and during the show, he came over with something in his hand, cautioning me before he'd show it to me, "Now, you're not getting your hands on this one!" 

First, take a look at the cap.  Initially it appears to be one of those Fineline caps that has the terrible plating (see frame 24 at page 144 of The Catalogue), but look a little closer:

No, this is your higher quality gold plating, like you'd expect to see on a Crest pencil (frames 14 and 16 on page 141).  And the clip doesn't say "Fineline," it says "Sheaffer" (all the Crest models I've seen have unmarked clips).

The tip is the earlier all gold filled style, and the striated carmine red celluloid is pre-1948:

The cap has an insert made of a sold color bluish-greenish plastic to fit it to the pencil:

And there's a bead band middle band:

Could it be a frankenpencil?  I don't think so, for 2 reasons:  first, I've never seen that cap before, so I'm not sure what it would have gone to, if not to this.  Second, and I can't stress this enough:

Dan Reppert was really, really excited to show it to me.  Why is that important?  Let me put it this way.  Here's something he showed me in Chicago:

Looks like an ordinary later Sheaffer utility pencil, right?  But the reason Dan showed it to me was for what was imprinted on the side:

That, Dan explained, was the name of the Sheaffer family's yacht.  So when you ask me whether Dan knows his Sheaffer pens and pencils, I'll say heck yeah . . .

he even knows what they named their boat!

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