Friday, July 20, 2012

A Couple "Moore" At My Fingertips

Matt McColm is bad for me, but in a good way.  I'll receive an email from him every so often, giving me an item number to check out in an online auction, because he suspects it might be the kind of thing I'd be interested in.

Nine times out of ten, he's got me pegged and I'll bid.  In fact, he knows me well enough that the last time he sent me an email, like one of Pavlov's dogs I entered a bid, without thinking to see if I already had one, and now I have two.

Matt emailed me awhile ago to ask me if the Moore Fingertips shown on page 103 of The Catalogue were all that I had . . .

and if so, would I be interested in two more -- one in burgundy and one in what he called "Duofold-like red."   This Pavlovian dog heard the dinner bell and responded exactly as expected.

Even though Matt didn't send a picture along with his tantalizing offer, the words "Duofold-like red" really struck a chord with me.  Notice that the Moores in the above picture are shot against a dark wood background, instead of the lighter wood TV tray I used as a background for most of the other pictures in the book?  There's a reason for that. 

The solid colors in Moore Fingertips are very subtle -- so much so, in fact, that every time I tried to shoot these against my usual background, the black one and the navy blue one both looked black.  In the days when I was just learning how to take a picture with something more sophisticated than a disposable camera, putting them against a darker background was the only way I could think of to show that the black was black and the navy one was -- well, not black.  Unfortunately, the down side was that the striped celluloid example looks like it glows in the dark.  It doesn't.  I should have added a footnote to that effect.

But a "Duofold-like red" one -- now that would be one that would really stand out in the crowd.  Even without the picture, I knew I could trust Matt's description of the color.  First, he said he had both a burgundy one and a red one, so there was no mistaking the nearly black burgundy for the totally not black red.  But second and more importantly, Matt really knows his stuff.

When they arrived, they were exactly what I was hoping they would look like:

I did polish the clips a little with a soft cloth, since they are so NOS-y that they had some desk-drawer tarnish on them.

Yeah, I'll work on the red one a little more.  Both have the same imprint found on other fingertips:

No, the red one doesn't glow in the dark.  Note the denomination "6-B," which appears on the Fingertip pencils.  And both also have one other feature you don't often find on Fingertips:

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