Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nothing Could be Finer

As long as I've been going on about Hutcheon these last couple of days, here's another one that I've been waiting for the opportunity to show off:

This is one of the Hutcheon "Finepointer" pencils:

With the typical Hutcheon logo next to the name:

There's nothing special about the way this one came to me . . . just another online auction . . . and I've already written an article about the change Hutcheon made from "Finepointer" to "Finerpointe," probably in response to pressure from Mabie Todd & Co., maker (and trademarker) of the "Fyne Poynt" pencil.   But the pattern on this one is just so outstanding that I couldn't resist swinging back around to do an article on this one:

Even the cartouche for engraving is untouched: