Friday, July 6, 2012

In My Clutches

One of the reasons I was really excited about the Hutcheon glass-plate negative from yesterday's article was a picture of a particularly rare pencil shown second from right:

This is the "Hutch Clutch" pencil, a leadholder that works much like an Aikin Lambert or other rear-drive leadholder:  unscrewing the top counterclockwise just half a turn or so releases the lead, and screwing it back in place locks it.   These are easy to spot due to their interesting shape -- but only if you can find one, and finding one is no small task!

I finally located one at the Chicago show:

This one's in sterling, with a beautiful floral engraved pattern, and the words I've been looking for imprinted near the top:

There is a cryptic logo embossed heavily on the side.  I'm not even sure whether I've got it upside down in this picture:

"JMVA," maybe?  Or upside down, "VAWB?"   Write me if you know what it is!

1 comment:

Mike Kirk said...

I'll go with your first guess. What a nice, elegant pencil! Looks like it could be a "Pregnant Pencil". :D