Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Suns also Rise

You won’t see three of these in one place again anytime soon:

I posted about that full sized example of the "Sun Pocket Pencil" a couple years ago (, and just last month the Walpuski story got a boost in the course of writing about Melville’s Solid Ink Pencil (

The top example in this picture belongs to Joe Nemecek, and we photographed them together while he was in town for the Ohio Show earlier this month. I’d seen and photographed Joe’s pencil some time ago, but I really wanted to get the two of them together for a picture, particularly so when I turned up another small example with a slightly different top treatment:

Only the large-sized example of the three has the Walpuski patent date on the opposite side.

Since I’m back on the subject, this also gives me something to circle back around to – an update on Melville’s Solid Ink. Daniel Kirchheimer rooted around a bit and found out that there was a Melville who patented a solid form of ink – in England. The first reference came in a story in the July 18, 1862 edition of The Illustrated London News, reporting on the attendance of "Perry and Melville" with their solid ink at the International Exhibition:

And then there was this in The Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, reporting that an "A. Melville" had filed a patent application for an improvement on his compound on October 2, 1890:

Thanks again, Daniel!

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