Sunday, November 2, 2014

Someone Has Just Got to Know What This Is

These two, just like the unmarked Redipoint lighter pencil I wrote about here yesterday, defy my usual rule against adding unmarked pencils to my collection:

The reason I’ve kept them is because the way they work is just so incredibly . . . cool. I’d classify them as "slider pencils," meaning that the lead is advanced or retracted by means of manually moving some element of the pencil up or down along the barrel. But what makes these so unusual is that rather than a tab or a simple slide collar, the entire center part of the barrel – on the gold filled example, the entire part between the black bands -- is what slides up and down:

They appear to be American, but I’m basing that belief solely on the looks of the thing. The clip and crown on the full-sized example have definite Eversharp overtones:

But the clip is soldered to the side of the barrel, not set inside it - and Eversharp never held a design patent on the outward appearance of its clip.

What bugs me, in a good way, is that there are absolutely no markings on either one of these. I can’t find a patent I can point to and definitively say who invented it, and the craftsmanship that went into these are simply too nice to ignore.

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John Hubbard said...

Jonathan, The clip could be soldered to the outside of the barrel because being set inside might interfere with the barrel's sliding. So perhaps is is Eversharp or a relative, but they may have had to digress from their normal style to accommodate the mechanism.