Friday, November 14, 2014

RIght Under My Nose

I’ve been on a Victorian kick lately. In the wake of writing American Writing Instrument Patents 1799-1910, I’ve been on the hunt for examples of the earliest American mechanical pencil designs. On my checklist was one Albert G. Bagley of New York, who acquired four of the earliest patents. From the earliest, he was awarded patent number 4,557 on June 6, 1846, for a penholder:

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see a patent dated January 1. I wonder if the Patent Office was open on New Year's Day in those days, or there is another reason that it could occur, such as a waiting period that expires, etc.

LLK from Ohio

Jon Veley said...

Hello LLK,

U.S. Patents are issued every Tuesday, whether or not it's a holiday.

Glad to see other Ohioans around here!