Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poke Poke Poke

Sometimes I buy dumb things because I think they’re funny. Take this one:

Mike Kirk brought this tired thing to the Michigan Pen Show, not this year and it may not have been last year. The clip is marked "Eclipse":

He didn’t plan on selling it – he only brought it to share a good laugh with me about it and what a very serious cadre of collectors might have to say about the cap. I laughed loud enough that both of us thought it worthwhile for me to pull a few bucks from my pocket and for Mike to part with it:

No, I didn’t have to have it because I’m about to launch on some long tale about how Autopoint might have made the Eclipse, or vice versa. They didn’t and, vice versa, they didn’t. I thought it might be fun to write an April Fool’s article to that effect, but I’ve decided against it since the super serious Autopoint contingent might not find it as funny as I do. Janet has a term for it: she calls it poking the wounded bear.

So why bother saying anything at all about this one? Because all kidding aside, while I’m certain that cap doesn’t belong on this beat-up Eclipse, I don’t have any idea on what manner of Autopoint it does belong. It's not for an exposed eraser - it's closed on the top end.  The lack of an underline suggests post-1927, but I’ve pawed through my drawer o’ Autopoints and I can’t find anything that this one matches, could match, might match or even remotely matches.

Maybe it goes on a Sheaffer . . . no, scratch that.


Anonymous said...

The cap is from an Autopoint mechanical pencil model 2CB "Checking Pencil". Because it was Autopoint's version of a grease pencil, it didn't have an eraser. So it was just given a metal cap over the lead reservoir. I don't have a handy picture of this pencil, but I do have one in my early-to mid 1930's salesman's sample set, and the barrel is marked #2CB. Pencilmech.

Jon Veley said...

Hello Pencilmech and thanks for the comment. I've got a couple Autopoint grease/checking pencils, all of which have plastic caps. When you get a chance, please email me a picture of what you are talking about and I'll update the article -