Monday, November 24, 2014

A Carload Full of Clowns

When Joe Nemecek and I get together, we talk in advance to decide what we both need to bring along for a photo shoot. Since I’d finally managed to scare up a side-clip Chilton in the company’s distinctive "Clown" pattern (to my knowledge, that’s a collector nickname and not an official Chilton name for it), getting my examples and Joe’s together for a family picture was at the top of my list: Joe didn’t think it was worth doing, since it looked like we each had the same pencils. But I’m glad I insisted:

The side clip model that I found is smaller than Joe’s:

And a close comparison of our ringtops revealed that one of the ferrules is slightly longer than the other:

UPDATE:  Over on Facebook, Rick Krantz commented that the official Chiltonese for this color is "Harlequin."  I asked Rick for chapter and verse on that, and he gladly obliged with copies of contemporary advertisements, including this one:

Thanks, Rick!