Sunday, November 9, 2014

For Obvious Reasons

I get a kick out of experimental models, because it almost feels like you are there in the R&D room playing around with new ideas right along with the inventors. Sometimes the experiments are successful, and the end result may have only minor differences from the finished product. But then sometimes you’ll find something like this:

It looks pretty much like a standard-issue Parker Duofold, but that color . . .

This must have been an experiment. In addition to trying out that wild, non-standard color, Parker might have been playing around with some sort of injection molding. The barrel has voids in the material, where they apparently couldn’t get the stuff to flow as well as they would like:

This almost looks like an amateur hobbyist was playing around with molds, trying to make reproduction barrels in unknown colors – but this is no reproduction:

Obviously, the voids in this material are unsatisfactory from a production standpoint. Obviously, Parker wasn’t going to put a whole bunch of these out there.

And obviously, these two factors mean that eighty years or so later, collectors like me just have to get our hands on one!

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