Tuesday, August 14, 2012


On Sunday morning at the DC Show, I was feeling really good about how things were going. I had a lot more money in my pocket than I had when I came, a real rarity for me, and I’d bought everything I’d wanted to buy. Yep, nothing to do but cruise through the rest of the show, right?

Of course, then Rick Fernandez struts by with a Wahl Eversharp set in his hands. He’d just picked it up from someone else that brought it in, and from the minute Rick bought it, he knew he’d sell it to me.

He knew. He didn’t think he might sell it to me, he knew he would. And when I saw it, I knew he would, too. Mike Little, who was sitting next to me, said he got a kick out of the grimace on my face – the look that said I knew was going to spend a lot of money and give back all the gains I’d made over the weekend. It was going to hurt – it was only a question of how much.

Rick wasn’t too easy on me, but he was easier than he could have been. It helped that Cliff Harrington already had one of these. Or three or four of them. So I peeled the agreed price off of my hard-earned wad of cash and knew I was done for the weekend, like the gambler in Vegas who knows the only way he’ll get home is the fifty he’s hidden from himself at the car parked at the airport.

So here it is:

Looks pretty plain from this picture, doesn’t it? Just your ordinary 1917-1924 metal Wahl set, and heck, most of the plating’s even worn off. So what’s the big deal? Maybe if I pose it next to one of the full-size Eversharps in my collection it will make some more sense:

Yeah – that little gold strip just above the pencil is a regular sized Eversharp. This is a store display set that would have been set out at a pen counter in the early 1920s. While the pencils do turn up on occasion, the pens are pretty hard to come by – so I couldn’t bring myself to break this pair up.

Neither the pen or the pencil is a functioning replica, but for display purposes they really draw a lot of attention, especially, as this shot Rick took of me right after we cut our deal shows . . .

when you’ve got one of these tucked in your pocket! Anyone got a plus-sized pocket protector?


McPencil said...

Actually I wish I had been able to film Jon's reaction when these two Wahl Eversharps were presented.
The best I can describe the look on his face when Rich pulled the fountain pen out from behind his back is that he had a look of panic on his face. He was definitely in a sensory overload zone.
He also swallowed real hard...like my boxer used to do when I got home and confronted her with a shoe she had chewed up while the family was out.
One can only hope that he does not get these looks on his face while he is arguing a case in court.

Anonymous said...

Rick stops by my table and showed them to me and said "watch this" He walks over to a table that is selling pen cases and asks them if they have any large cases for big pens? And then of couse whips out those monsters
Jerry Adair