Monday, August 27, 2012

Score One For Joe

Joe Nemecek brought this one along to our photo shoot in DC, and I’m really glad he did:

This is a Parker Bridge Pencil, not to be confused with the bridge set from a couple weeks ago.

I’ve had a few pictures of these on my hard drive for awhile and I’ve been meaning to write an article about this, but I haven’t because (a) the pictures I had were pretty fuzzy ones downloaded from ebay, and (b) although I got the guy’s permission to use his pictures, I’ve lost his email! It did work out well, because now I was able to get some nicer pictures of this and really present it the way it should be.

The pencil itself isn’t anything unusual, except for the goofy shape. Who needs a telephone dialer when you’re playing cards, anyway? Is this the version of bridge where you get to phone a friend before you decide how to bid?

On the one side the pencil is formally identified as a Parker Bridge Pencil:

And of course, Joe’s is fully equipped with its original price sticker . . .

All right, Joe . . . you’ve got a nice pencil there. Mark yourself down for a point!

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