Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dixon Redux

As I was shooting photographs of Joe’s Victorian collection, one piece he had caught my eye:

Look familiar? This is one of those Dixon or Mergott pencils I was writing about a few weeks ago, and this one, unlike the stubby ones in those articles, more closely matches the design shown in the design patent drawing:
On closer examination, Joe’s example is an advertising piece, stamped on the nose with the name of a linen supplier.

As fate would have it, when I got home from the DC show, I had a nice little pile of packages from online auction purchases made in the week leading up to the show. One of them was a whole mess o’ pencils, and one of them was precisely what I had hoped it would be from the fuzzy picture online:

Mine has "Dixon" stamped on the nose:

And the patent date is stamped on the end cap, which can be unscrewed to reveal a compartment for spare leads:

So there they are, the two Dixons – the long and the short of it, so to speak!

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