Saturday, August 18, 2012

Right Next Door

I’m always flitting around at pen shows, much to the chagrin of some who stop by my booth and try to buy things. Janet once threatened to nail my foot to the floor if I didn’t settle down and stay put for awhile (she was getting tired of saying to people "You’ll have to wait until he gets back . . . no, I don’t know where he is . . .").

So it’s usually at the very end of the show that I finally remember to check the tables right next to mine. For some reason, I never remember to do that.
Francis Bulbulian was set up next to me – well, just on the other side of Michael Little. It wasn’t until late Sunday when I thought to see what he had over there, after I’d already spent more than I wanted to on that humongous Wahl Eversharp display set and resolved that I was not going to spend any more money. Looking back, I should have. Francis was just starting to pack up, so I didn’t have time to run back to the room with this one to take better shots, and although I should have bought it, I didn’t:

This is an early Esterbrook, from the same series shown on page 53 of The Catalogue:

Collectors refer to these as "Nurses’" sets, but unless you think of music as the best medicine, this is no nurse’s pencil:

And if music isn’t the best medicine, maybe a little physical activity is?

Francis and I have an appointment in Ohio this November to revisit this pencil, when I’m fresh and haven’t spent all my money yet!


Phil Munson said...

Jon, Thank you for showing the Bowling Pencil. I have a similar Bowling Pen for RCA, made by neighbor Esterbrook, covered at

I have edited my post to include a link to your fine article.

Phil Munson

Jon Veley said...

Hey Phil, good to hear from you. I read your blog and it's good to hear the rest of that story -