Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joe's A Very Photogenic Guy!

Joe Nemecek doesn’t like having his picture taken. The only reason I was able to get the picture of him standing behind his Victorian pencil display was that I was pointing a camera at him when he was standing behind it, and wild horses wouldn’t have been able to drag him away from his collection!

On the other hand, Joe loves to have his pencils photographed, and he brought several pieces with him to the DC show for me to photograph, so at the end of the day on Friday he brought them to my room, where I’d set up my photo studio (such as it is), and we spent a couple hours documenting some of his great finds. Here’s one of them:

At first, this appears to be an ordinary post-1948 Sheaffer Valiant, but on closer inspection, there’s something about this one that is anything but ordinary:

What’s up with that clip! It looks like a Conklin clip, but even more so, it is a dead ringer for the early 20th century Van Valkenburg clip that Conklin modified in order to get around the Van Valkenburg patent:

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