Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not a Pencil

A few weeks ago, Janet and I were getting pretty stir crazy. After the big storm here in Ohio, we’d spent weeks cleaning up our three-acre property, which used to be heavily wooded. Nothing like a few weeks with a chain saw in hand to make you want to get out of Dodge for a bit!

Janet, ever the planner, explored our options for a trip to Northeast Ohio and suggested we hit the AAA Antique Mall in Ravenna, Ohio, and since that was the furthest one out, we decided to make that our first stop. And what a stop it was! This place went on and on (and on) and I found . . . well, as far as pencils went, one lousy pencil marked "Red Dot" on the clip (like the one on page 124 of The Catalogue); I was thinking the clip might be a little bit different, but it wasn’t. No story there!

But I didn’t get skunked, even if the pencil pickings were slim. Here’s something I found:

This is one of the "Models of Yesteryear" series of Matchbox cars, representing a 1910 Renault AG:

As a kid, Matchbox cars were a frequent sight around my house (and closet, and under the bed, as well as underfoot); only once in awhile would I be lucky enough to score one of the larger (1:38 scale) Models of Yesteryear, which were much more detailed than the ones that spent summers in the sandbox. This particular example is from near the end of the line, after Lesney Products filed for bankruptcy in 1982, so it isn’t as highly prized by collectors as those from the original series.

But I didn’t buy this one for the trip down memory lane, nor for its investment grade quality. There was another reason this was a "gotta have" item for this pencil collector:


Tom Lynch said...

Nice find!!!
I think I'll scour eBay for one too!
Thanks for posting. Awesome blog!

Tom, NYC

Jon Veley said...

Thanks, Tom - I figured someone else out there would get a kick out of it, too!

We're really going to mess up all the Matchbox price guides now, aren't we?