Saturday, August 20, 2016

Permanently Entertaining

I’ll admit that I’ve evolved from collecting American-made pencils only to collecting pencils that I like, regardless of where they were made.  This one, which surfaced in a recent online auction, screams not American:

The worn german silver plating screams continental, but I really liked the pattern on the barrel:

And I’m always a sucker for a great name like “Permanento.”  Note also the interesting pattern around the crown:

This one got even better when it arrived, because the seller, who apparently didn’t know anything about pencils, left a couple things out:

That blue square is a color indicator - this is a multicolor pencil.  And then there’s that great logo:

I was pretty sure the middle letters were “ie,” but I wasn’t sure whether the first letter is an o or a v and the last letter might be an r or a k.  After I posted a question about this on the Pentrace page over on Facebook, my friend Giovanni Abrate figured out that it is “vier,” the German word for four – of course.  

Aurora makes a “Permanento” pencil, but it isn’t a multicolor.  Google isn’t turning anything up for me, so I’m at a dead end.  I’d appreciate hearing any other information about it.


Martha said...

Just out of curiosity, what are the four colors? Primaries blue, yellow, red, plus one?

Jon Veley said...

Sorry to be late in responding -- black is the fourth, and typical colors on 4-color pencils are red, blue, green and black. Yellow is a bit of a specialty color less commonly used.