Saturday, August 12, 2017

What a Box!

Since I spent so much time yesterday talking about Eagle Automatics, it seemed a good time to show off one that came my way recently:

The top of the box was a little rough, but it was unusual in having two drawers, one for the pencil and one containing a box of copying leads:

Both the pencil and the leads I have, and neither is particularly noteworthy.  What is special is the other three sides of the box, which are very well preserved and which contain some amazing graphics and some interesting language:

In particular, note what’s written on that bottom panel:

“Each pencil bears our name and date of Letters Patent.  All others are infringements and will be dealt with as such.”

What’s interesting to me is the ominous nature of the warning.  Yes, Eagle emblazoned nearly everything they made with patent dates and when it came to both patents and trademarks the company was both prolific and territorial.  However, a warning like this suggests that there was at least one product which actually infringed upon Eagle’s patents – or was close enough to justify such strong language.

Now to find the “all others!”

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