Friday, December 5, 2014

This Tops Both of Them

Back at the Chicago Show a couple years ago, one of the other dealers was offering this boxed Moore pencil set, complete with lead and erasers:

It was late in the show and I think he needed some gas money, as hard as he worked to sell me this set. I only resisted because I already had that exact set at home, complete with the cardboard insert that fits the pieces of the set in the box:

However, this guy’s set had one thing mine was lacking: some paperwork.

I’m sure this is the right paperwork – it’s the same as what was included with that Moore "Professional Set" I wrote about here a while back ( But there was something else . . . something vaguely familiar about this paperwork that I couldn’t quite put my finger (or thumb) on . . . and then it dawned on me where I’d seen it before.

Remember the "Top-O-Matic?"

The upper two are the ones shown in the article I posted here back in June, 2012 (  – the pearl example at bottom turned up in a junk box somewhere along the way since then. Compare the clips on the Moore and the Top-O-Matic:

and the tips, remembering that one of the unique features about Charles Lovejoy’s patented design was that the clutch jaws protrude through the end of the tip:

Could Moore have made the Top-O-Matic? I would say maybe with what I’ve shown you so far (remember that Eversharp and Dur-O-Lite also used this mechanism). But "maybe" doesn’t cover it when you compare the paperwork that accompanied my boxed example of the Top-O-Matic to the Moore:

I think almost certainly.

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