Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stepping It Up

Well, at least it didn’t take me a year.

On one of the online forums late last December, one of the users had found an "Enduro" fountain pen and requested information. I said that I thought the Enduro was an Eclipse brand, and I promised to come up with some photographs to show why I believed that.

I then promptly forgot to do it.

So at long last, here are a Trupoint, an Enduro, a Moderne and a Marxton together:

I’d noted the similarities between the Trupoint and Moderne clips here before (, but I still hadn’t made the connection with Marxton. As for the Enduro, I’ve had it laying around the museum for a couple years, but it wasn’t until I saw the Enduro pen in that online post that I thought to pull it and do some comparing. Note that while the four have slightly different trim configurations, the clips with those stepped upper sections are identical:

Once all these are connected to Marxton, connecting all of them to Eclipse is easy. Marxton is a well-known Eclipse subbrand, named for founder/wordsmith Marx Finstone, and the Eclipse name often appears on Marxton clips, as in this case:

The deco stepped tops of those clips is reminiscent of the tops on the Monroe, which were also an Eclipse brand (I’ve referred to it as an uberbrand, rather than a subbrand since the Monroe was a high-quality luxury brand). However, while the lower tier brands have stepped clips and rounded ends, the Monroe has just the opposite:

Eclipse had a thing for stepped endcaps. Pearce Jarvis had this great set at the DC show. I should have bought it, but by the time I finally decided to fish or cut bait, it was gone. At least I had the foresight to get some pictures before it was gone:

Without the box, you’d only be able to say these look like Eclipse. I’ve seen this exact pen, with the distinctive shape, greek key band and stepped end, with an Eclipse clip, but these are marked only "Super Senior":

It’s the box that makes the set and ties this together:

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