Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Couple More Eagles

When Joe Nemecek and I got together last month, we made sure to get a few pictures of some of the Eagles Joe has been turning up lately. First, he managed to score another of the goliath Eagle Automatic pencils:

I wrote about my red example a couple years ago (http://leadheadpencils.blogspot.com/2012/05/will-gentleman-from-bulgaria-please.html); here it was compared to a normal Automatic:

I’ve heard of the black ones running around, but this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to see one in person.

And Joe had one other pencil on hand for us to shoot:

Same shaped nose, but this one is no Automatic:

"Eagle Pencil Co. / Wizard / Pat. Applied For" Unfortunately, I have no idea to which of the myriad of Eagle patents this applies. But with a cool name like "Wizard," who cares?

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Joe Nemecek said...

The Eagle Wizard features a unique gravity mechanism to extend and retract the nozzle holding the lead. I'll call the mechanism an automatic dropper. Instead of pressing a mechanical release button exposing (or retracting) the nozzle, using gravity, the Wizard senses up or down (gravity) and extracts or retracts the nozzle into the body of the pencil. The patent is probably on the
catch that holds the mechanism locked at the writing angle. The catch releases when the angle of the body changes. The mechanism was a great find. I kinda like Eagles, too. Joe