Sunday, December 21, 2014

Enough To Keep Me Up At Night

I’ve only got a handful of unidentified, unmarked pencils in my collection, and out of that handful, only one or two of them did I go out of my way to pick up. This is one of them:

I saw this thing in an online auction and had to bite, because I was convinced there must be a marking on it somewhere to identify it. Nose drive. One piece barrel. The black portion is ribbed:

As for that upper part, I only know what it was supposed to look like. Here it is, next to an Eversharp Pacemaker:

I’d say someone else was making something that was supposed to look like an Eversharp – I don’t think this was made byEversharp. The plastic is mighty close but just a little different, and the top doesn’t match anything else Eversharp made.

Eversharp buttons just pull out, and there’s an eraser on the other end. But this bit is screwed onto the end to cover the eraser. In fact . . .

It’s actually just a tube open on both ends. I suppose, with as long as the threading is, it was intended to support extra long erasers, so that you could screw the top in farther to expose more eraser as it wears away. Pretty cool take on the adjustable eraser idea - just shorten the barrel around it, like an Eagle Simplex works.

I’ve been over and over this thing, and there’s not a single mark to indicate who might have made this pencil. Until one surfaces with a manufacturer’s imprint or some paperwork or an advertisement turns up, I’m stuck.

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