Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Middle Part is the Best

While I was at the Philadelphia Show last January, this one was cooking in an online auction:

It doesn’t look like much, although the looks of it are pretty cool and I love those colored bands. Even so, this one would have slipped right under my radar and probably under everyone else’s too had the seller not correctly read and included the imprint:

Craig was a Sheaffer subbrand, named for Craig Sheaffer. The pencils, although of lesser quality than the usual Sheaffer fare, are so much more difficult to find (and so sought after by Sheaffer fanatics) that when they turn up, they command a premium over and above all but the finest Sheaffer pencils. This one, doubly so!

This is the first and only example of a double-ended Craig that I’ve ever seen, but here’s why I wasn’t too shocked:

Mike Kirk showed this to me at the Ohio Show back in 2012. This one has roughly the same lines, but instead of a round center, this one has facets, and instead of a Craig imprint:

This one is a Sheaffer.

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Mike Kirk said...

'Twas me. There's only one other similar double ended Sheaffer pencil I've seen and it's in the Sheaffer Museum in Fort Madison. Mike Kirk