Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Horse of a Familiar Color

Here’s another great color:

This is another one of what I call the Rite-Rite "Torpedo" pencils. These come in a wide variety of interesting colors, including colors best known for appearing on Wahl pencils and even one example in Sheaffer’s blue "clown" celluloid (see From what I can tell, this is one of the earlier examples, with the ball clip seen on the 1933 patent drawings and "Rite-Rite" on the clip:

The color on this one is, like so many of these, amazing. Rite-Rite, a Chicago company, was located close to Wahl Eversharp, also in Chicago – and not too far from Sheaffer in Fort Madison. In this case, Rite-Rite was again emulating a local competitor:

The top example is a yellow Autopoint I’ve been working on, also from Chicago – I’m just waiting for a green gold cap and clip to come my way. The Autopoint plastic is a little more yellow and less translucent than our Rite-Rite, but the example below our Rite-Rite is a dead ringer – on a somewhat tired looking Dur-O-Lite (also from Chicago).

Both the Autopoint and the Dur-O-Lite predate our Rite-Rite by five years or so, again following the pattern of Rite-Rite’s use of a specialized plastic formerly used by a cross-town competitor. It appears Rite-Rite made a habit of buying leftover stock, whether directly from area companies or from the celluloid manufacturers that had formerly supplied them.

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